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Watch Chiefs' Andy Reid defend Eric Fisher in exchange with reporter

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid made the announcement that Donald Stephenson would be playing LT and Eric Fisher would be playing RT. This was a surprise to many because Fisher was drafted No. 1 overall so you expect that player to play on the left side.

[MoreHow Andy Reid explained the move]

Reid explained that Fisher offers more versatility to play on the left or right side while Stephenson is better on the left side than the right side. So the Chiefs put Stephenson at LT and Fisher at RT as part of their "best five" linemen that will play.

The KC Star's Terez Paylor asked the question that most fans were thinking at the time: Does this mean Fisher has been a disappointment? Here's the exchange Reid and Terez had.


Q: You guys spent the No. 1 overall pick on Fish. Obviously when you draft a guy a guy that high at tackle to play on the left side. You moved him to the right side, it's something different. Is that a disappointment that it hasn't quite worked out over there because you have Donald over there now?

Reid: Did you not listen to what I just said?

Q: I did.

Reid: Then I'm not gonna answer that question. Just go back and read your notes. You just answered a question for me that I just answered for you. That has nothing to do with it. That's completely wrong what you said so I'm not even gonna go there. Go ahead. Next question.


The way I read it, Reid wanted to get ahead of that exact question by explaining the decision first -- it wasn't that Fisher was a bad player, it's that he offers more versatility on the left or right side than Stephenson does. Terez was right to ask that question because that was the question every fan wanted to ask. He was their voice at that press conference.

That said, Reid is defending his guy. That's why players like him. He wasn't having any of it when someone questioned whether Fisher was a bad player even if it was a fair and logical question. I can respect his willingness to go to bat for his players.

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