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De'Anthony Thomas wore a gold watch on the field before Virginia Tech's RB did

Twitter was abuzz with a Virginia Tech player wearing a gold watch on the field. Well, DAT did it first ...

Ohio State kicked off the 2015 college football season with a 42-24 victory over Virginia Tech. There was one player, Virginia Tech RB JC Coleman, who stood out and became a thing on the Internet. No, it's not because he had some ankle-breaking touchdown run.

It's because he wore a gold watch on the field. Yes, that is a gold watch the player is wearing on the field.

This lit up Twitter when it was shown on TV on Monday night. But my Twitter timeline was also lighting up of people pointing out that, actually, it was De'Anthony Thomas who started this trent. The Chiefs RB was the Oregon Ducks RB at the time of the 2014 Alamo Bowl when he wore this on the field:

I believe DAT just wore this during warmups - but still, DAT is a leader in football fashion.

It's Game Time.

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