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Here is Chiefs' Dontari Poe holding a baby goat

What has Dontari Poe been up to? Mowing his lawn and holding baby goats, apparently.

I came across this picture of Poe on the Kansas City Chiefs subreddit.

User AlphabearPSK also posted this caption explaining why he had a picture of Dontari Poe holding a baby goat.

I was over visiting my friend who's backyard was next to Dontari Poe's. I brought over one of my baby goats because she had never seen one before and while it was out back frolicking around, Poe stopped mowing his yard because he had never seen a goat up close before. He came over and asked if he could pick it up and I obliged. He had the biggest smile on his face and even let it help him trim some of the branches.

I have several reactions:

1. It reads like this was recent but I don't know. If it was recent, I like that the injured Poe is healthy enough to do his own lawn.

2. Poe mows his own lawn? I don't know why I'm surprised when I hear wealthy people do that but I like it. Turns out, you're still a regular person even when you make a lot of money! Who knew?

3. Baby goats are a thing? Indeed they are. I have a cousin who lives in the city in Memphis and has two baby goats. Definitely weird though.

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