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Kansas City Chiefs likely to keep only 5-6 receivers?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most difficult decisions for the Kansas City Chiefs will be coming at wide receiver where the team has a few young players that they like. The Chiefs could be looking at just one roster spot for Frankie Hammond, Fred Williams and Da'Ron Brown.

We have wondered whether the Chiefs might keep seven receivers this year even though most teams only keep six. It doesn't sound like the Chiefs are likely to keep seven. This according to Andy Reid who spoke to the media on a conference call on Friday and said that usually you keep 5-6 receivers. He said the same thing in an interview with 810 WHB's Soren Petro later on Friday.

Sure, Reid said you "usually" keep 5-6 receivers so that doesn't mean the Chiefs can't keep more than that. But I don't know why he would say that if the Chiefs actually planned on keeping seven. So I'm leaning toward the Chiefs keeping 5-6.

I see four virtual locks: Jeremy Maclin, Albert Wilson, Chris Conley and De'Anthony Thomas. I see Jason Avant as a near-lock. From there, you're looking at perhaps just one more spot if they are keeping six receivers.

The other thing we haven't really discussed here is how the Chiefs view De'Anthony Thomas. Is he a true receiver? Or could the Chiefs carry an extra one? Cuts will be made by 3 p.m. (Arrowhead Time) so we'll find out soon.

It's Game Time.

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