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Ray Lewis says Chiefs defense had lack of communication vs. Aaron Rodgers and Packers

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Ray Lewis pinned the Kansas City Chiefs defensive problems against Aaron Rodgers on a lack of communication. Considering two of Aaron Rodgers five touchdowns came on what looked like the same play, I think he's right.

"The only way to play great defense is you have to communicate," Lewis said on the ESPN postgame broadcast.

Here's what he was talking about. The Packers ran a version of this play twice. They ran a quick out route with Randall Cobb with a rub from the other receiver.

Lewis explained that in this situation the Chiefs defensive backs need to be communicating with each other on what they're going to do if they run this rub route. Who has the inside? Who has the outside?

Same situation here.

Lewis said that it's almost unfair with how well Aaron Rodgers is playing right now so the Chiefs need to make it a little more fair and get their hands on the receivers and re-route them.

I am sure that a smart man like Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton talked about this with his defensive backs, not only before the game but after the first one. The Chiefs still couldn't stop it. Aaron Rodgers is very good.

See the play in action here:

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