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Kansas City Chiefs know they can't beat Green Bay Packers without improving on third down

The Kansas City Chiefs were 3-of-13 on third down in Week 1 and 0-of-7 in Week 2. That's a 15 percent third down percentage and that is a very bad number. The Chiefs have to get better on third down or else they have no shot. The fact that they had five turnovers, didn't convert a third down and still almost beat the Broncos in Week 2 is almost unfathomable. That's not a formula that they can expect to work each week.

The Chiefs are averaging a yard and a half less running the ball on first down this year compared to last year so it starts there. They have to get better on first and second down, according to Chiefs OC Doug Pederson.

"Teams that have gone into Lambeau and won have controlled the ball and controlled the clock - and it puts an emphasis, a little bit, on that," Pederson said, via quotes from the Chiefs. "Being successful, getting those four, five, six yards on first down and being in those third-and-manageable-type situations and then converting. We struggled last week to convert a third down. We have to do that this week - execution - but keeping ourselves manageable helps us do that."

Just four of the Chiefs 20 third down opportunities have been five yards to go or less. That HAS to change in Green Bay if they have a shot to win.

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