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Kansas City Chiefs cornerbacks have been tested more than anyone else

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The Kansas City Chiefs are young and inexperienced at cornerback so you would expect other teams to test them. And they have been tested.

If it feels like the Chiefs cornerbacks are being tested a lot, it's because they are. Pro Football Focus reports that the Chiefs two outside cornerbacks -- Marcus Peters and Jamell Fleming -- have been targeted a combined 51 times which is the most for any starting duo in the NFL. (Note: Phillip Gaines is probably the Chiefs "No. 2" but they have three corners on the field often)

Marcus Peters has risen to the occasion as he leads the league in passes defensed and has two picks in two games and a touchdown to boot. If there is such a thing as a watch list for defensive rookie of the year, Peters is on that list. Peters has a shot to continue his interception streak on Monday in Green Bay where Aaron Rodgers hasn't thrown an interception since 2012.

On the other side, Jamell Fleming was targeted by the Broncos late in Thursday's game which obviously ended up being costly for KC. The Chiefs are going to have to prove to the Packers on Monday that they have fixed whatever was going on there with the right side of the secondary. This will be a key matchup.

Things get more interesting on Tuesday after the Packers game because that's when Sean Smith returns form a three-game suspension. Who is Sean Smith? Oh, just PFF"s fourth highest graded coverage cornerback last year. This team will get a lot better next week.

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