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NFL power rankings 2015: Kansas City Chiefs still a top 10 team after loss to Broncos

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

A loss to the Denver Broncos won't knock the Kansas City Chiefs out of the top 10. I checked out various 2015 NFL power rankings for Week 3 and the Chiefs still a top 10 team. Yeah, yeah, it doesn't mean anything but it is interesting to see that, nationally, the Chiefs are still considered a good team. I've heard plenty of folks make the argument that the Chiefs were the better team last Thursday night, five turnovers and all.

This week's power rankings...

ESPN: 10

The Chiefs can't afford to turn the ball over five times as they did in Week 2. The Chiefs are 3-8 with Alex Smith when losing the turnover battle (18-5 in all other games).

SB Nation: 5

The Chiefs round out the top five because to me they're still a complete team, even with a crazy, demoralizing and weird loss to the Broncos. Division games are always a little weird, and I think Kansas City will continue to give opponents issues with its pass rush and improved defensive secondary. The offense doesn't look bad either.

Mile High Report: 8

For all the junk I have been talking since 2013 about the Kansas City Chiefs, this is the year they finally look like a legitimate threat to the Denver Broncos stranglehold over the AFC West. Fortunately for us Broncos fans, the Chiefs blew their only chance to make a game of winning the division by crapping the bed on Thursday Night Football. The Broncos are at their weakest now, so it looks like the Chiefs will need to try for it again in 2016. It's amazing how that statement could be true after just two regular season games. Chiefs fans have been waiting a very long time for a playoff win...


The Chiefs aren’t falling too far after a loss because, again, the NFL stinks. However, if Jamaal Charles holds on to the football, the Chiefs might be way up the list, especially with that defense.

The MMQB: 5

Get some of those Lester Hayes gloves, Jamaal Charles. The stickum kind. 6

Guessing the secondary's pregame ritual is to ferociously rub their hands with baby oil. How many would-be interceptions did the Chiefs drop Thursday night, anyway? Four? Five? More? Alex Smith and the passing game seriously regressed following Kansas City's impressive Week 1 performance in Houston. Kind of like Hootie & the Blowfish's second album. That happens when you can't pass block. Not Hootie -- Jah Reid and company, I mean. 7

There's some serious star power in Kansas City, but can quarterback Alex Smith be consistently good enough for the Chiefs?

Yahoo Sports: 9

If you forget the obvious, the Chiefs should feel pretty good after two weeks. The front seven has looked good, rookie cornerback Marcus Peters looks like a future Pro Bowler, the running game is strong again and the passing game has some weapons. They'll never get last Thursday night's game back, but if they can put it behind them there are a lot of reasons for optimism.

Pro Football Talk: 8

It was fun while it lasted.

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