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Eric Fisher practices at right tackle, no confirmation he is starting for Chiefs again

It seems Fisher is primed to start at RT but Andy Reid hasn't given us a confirmation on that yet.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

So what's the deal with Kansas City Chiefs OT Eric Fisher, who practiced fully and was listed on the injury report but did not play? Andy Reid told us in a Monday conference call with reporters that Fisher is doing better and would be back at right tackle.

"Fish did good today, he was feeling better, so he'll be in at the right tackle spot and then we'll just see how he does," Reid said.

I listened to this live and heard it as "Fisher is getting his job back." Re-reading the actual quotes on paper (computer screen?) and it doesn't feel like Reid is completely committed to Fisher playing this week. He seems close though.

"I want to see how he does once we get rolling here," Reid continued. "Today it was better, some of this, a bit of a rest, has helped him out and it looks like he's headed in the right direction. We'll see how he does on Thursday, which will be a Wednesday practice. We'll just see how he does there."

The Chiefs play on Monday this week so they'll be a day behind this week, which means the normal Wednesday practice will be on Thursday, the normal Thursday practice will be on Friday and so on. That means by Thursday we should start to get a better idea of Fisher's status. I would say we should wait for the initial injury report on Thursday but Fisher has been practicing in full and listed as probable on the injury report so this isn't solely an injury thing. Replacement Jah Reid didn't do as well in Week 2 as he did in Week 1 so this right tackle job very much appears to be open for the taking.

Andy Reid said that Jeff Allen is "rotating in with the other group" which sounds like the second team. Allen is also coming back from a knee injury earlier in the preseason but like Fisher the Chiefs have listed him as a full participant in practice and probable on the injury report. So by the NFL's injury reporting rules, I am reading that as Allen was healthy enough to play but didn't. To answer your question: no, I don't know why Allen isn't playing right guard or even right tackle.

Finally, Donald Stephenson is fine. Fisher replaced him briefly in each of the past two weeks but Reid said that Stephenson was out there and should be fine.

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