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Jay Cutler's injury could affect Bears-Chiefs game

Jon Durr/Getty Images

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler exited last Sunday's game with a hamstring injury and it's being reported that Cutler is expected to miss "at least two weeks", according to ESPN and NFL Network. Emphasis on at least.

The timing here is significant because the Chiefs play the Bears on October 11, which is about three weeks away from last Sunday when the injury occurred. Hamstrings seem like the type of injuries that can easily turn two weeks into three weeks.

As we learned during the 9-0 start in 2013, the Chiefs are very good when facing backup quarterbacks. That year they had some fluky run where they were facing backup after backup. Jimmy Clausen, who is playing in relief for Cutler, is very much a backup. The difference between the two is notable (even if Cutler's throwing three picks anyway).

The Bears play at the Seahawks and Raiders coming up so they are staring a 1-3 start in the eye. I'm not sure if that would make them feel more likely to rush Cutler back if he were questionable for the Chiefs game ... surely Chicago's coaching staff knows the Bears are competing for a top five draft pick, right? This is one of those games the Chiefs need to win.

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