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Broncos player: Jamaal Charles was holding the ball loose

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos thought they would have a chance to cause another fumble. After Jamaal Charles had fumbled earlier in the game, Broncos LB Brandon Marshall told his teammates on the sideline that Jamaal was holding the ball loose and that they could get another fumble.

Marshall said that he thought the Chiefs would be passing the ball but, as Chiefs fans know, they decided to run it with Jamaal on that fateful drive.

"I realized he was holding the ball loose," Marshall said, via quotes from the Broncos. "There was one play where I made a tackle on him earlier and he was holding the ball loose.  I thought we might get another one out of him.  That won us the game."

For all his greatness, Jamaal Charles has fumbled the ball in his career. Five fumbles last year, four fumbles in 2013 and five fumbles in 2012. He makes such a positive impact on the team that it's easy to look away from his fumbles ... except when it comes with less than a minute left in their own territory with the game on the line.

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