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Jamaal Charles takes responsibility for Chiefs loss to the Broncos

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

There was a crush of media around Jamaal Charles following the Chiefs 31-24 loss to the Broncos because he was the one who made the biggest play of the game ... and not in a good way. Jamaal fumbled the ball in the final minute, which the Broncos picked up and ran back for the game winning touchdown. Watch that play here.

I couldn't hear Jamaal talking but did see this quote that Sam Mellinger tweeted out:

The Chiefs also sent out this quote from Jamaal: "I think I was just trying to make a play and (wasn't) careful with the ball and one of the defenders punched it out. I should have just been smarter and put two hands on the ball."

I asked Andy Reid after the game what the plan was with Jamaal rushing the ball late in the game and he said that they were hoping he would break one.

"We were in the 30s there," Reid said. "So we were going to try to bust one and if we could get within a field goal shot, you know you get to the minus 40, of plus 40, you have an opportunity for maybe a shot there. The way he was running, he was running great and I thought that was a good play. Didn't work out so good."

I asked Alex Smith the same question and he said the same -- they were just hoping that Jamaal could bust one loose and if not they would take it to overtime.

The result was awful but I'm content with the Chiefs decision-making on that final play. As Alex pointed out, Jamaal is one of the best players in the league and you never know what he can do. What you do NOT expect is that he would fumble. The result made that play call awful but their thinking was in the right place. It was a low risk play ... just now low enough.

What a way to lose the game.

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