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Broncos-Chiefs game could see rain late in the game

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos game at Arrowhead Stadium on Thursday night will be warm weather in the first half and potential rain in the second half.

I have listened to the local forecasts and they're talking about the threat of rain sometime during the fourth quarter of the game. But the rest of the game looks nice.

90 degrees isn't exactly ideal tailgating weather. I prefer something colder to really remind you that it's football season.

This weather won't affect either team early in the game when it's nice but in the fourth when it might rain? That could have an interesting affect on the game, although I'm not sure either side has an obvious advantage. I would say whoever is leading in the fourth quarter forcing the other team to come from behind has the advantage (that's just good analysis right there).

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