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Chiefs new touchdown song could keep one tradition alive

The Kansas City Chiefs have a new touchdown song and it's "Hey, Kansas City!" by David George and A Crooked Mile.

That song won 45.9 percent of the vote over "Let me clear my throat" by DJ Kool (31.9 percent) and "Song 2" by Blur (22.2 percent). You can listen to a mockup done by a fan of "Hey, Kansas City!" with a Chiefs touchdown video played over it.

I'm sure some people will be very happy about this. And others will not be very happy.

Despite me not having a musical gene in my body, this song sounds like it has a spot for Chiefs fans to keep one tradition alive. With the old "Rock n' Roll Part 2" song by Gary Glitter (that was modified for Arrowhead), Chiefs fans would chant "We're gonna beat the hell out of you, you, you, you, you!"

According to the Chiefs, that WILL stay with this new song.

"Much of the feedback we received from Chiefs fans was that they wanted to retain the feeling and intimidation factor that comes when 75,000-plus fans chant in unison," Chiefs president Mark Donovan said in a statement. "Because the fan chant is not part of the Gary Glitter song and was added by Chiefs fans, we asked David George to incorporate that element in the beat of the new song. We think this addition to the new touchdown song will deliver that traditional aspect of Arrowhead touchdowns that our fans love."

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