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Broncos-Chiefs picks and predictions: Kansas City is optimistic at Arrowhead

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Based on how folks are picking this game and the odds on the game, it seems like the Kansas City Chiefs best shot to beat the Denver Broncos since Peyton Manning was in Kansas City. These games are often close so I expect the same here.

We asked the Arrowhead Pride staff for their predictions. Make sure you make yours at the end!

Joel Thorman: Chiefs 16 Broncos 13

It's a low-scoring game with two of the best defenses in the league. The pass rushers will dominate this game and both teams will need shorter passes to account for it, so the scoring will be lower.The Vegas odds - Chiefs are three point favorites - nail this one.

NJ Chiefs fan: Chiefs 30 Broncos 13

Denver's D looked very good in Week 1. I expect the Chiefs to again use multiple TE sets to create mismatches against the Denver secondary. Will they cover with CBs and risk JC running wild, or use LBs and pay downfield? Take Denver's offensive line issues of false starts and giving up sacks, then add 142.2 dB. I like this matchup, though I won't really believe Manning is a ghost of his former self until he shows it against the Chiefs.

Matt Conner: Chiefs 21 Broncos 24

I don't mean to be a naysayer, but this year's Chiefs aren't *quite* there. A few thoughts:

Denver's pass rush and overall defensive strength is going to be a real issue for the Chiefs' offensive front. I know we just saw the Texans' front seven, but Denver's overall defense is much greater than Watt & Company and Denver's offense will keep them rested well into the fourth quarter. In other words, Chiefs beating the Texans' front seven doesn't necessarily equate with other strong defensive units. The Texans are just not as good of a team (and defense) as the Broncos.

KC is not at full strength and I mean this in terms of youth / development AND personnel. Dontari Poe is still working his way back to full strength. Sean Smith is still suspended. The line is obviously in experimental mode. Eric Fisher is ... something, somewhere. The point is this: the Chiefs team playing now is going to be a much different team than the one that suits up in December. Give the young guys time to grow. Give the line time to gel. Give the newer pieces time to adjust to the scheme. I'd love the Chiefs by a touchdown or more in December. Now? I don't feel that way.

Clay Wendler: Chiefs 17 Broncos 21

Denver's defense destroyed a Ravens offense that has a better QB and far better offensive line than Kansas City. They'll have no trouble shutting down the Chiefs, who couldn't run the ball a week ago won't be lucky enough to score 17 points off short-field turnovers two weeks in a row. Peyton Manning has declined, but Marcus Peters was toasted for 122 yards and two TDs last week and clearly isn't quite ready to be a starter. Manning will take advantage. The Chiefs defense will otherwise keep him in check, but I refuse to pick the Chiefs over Manning until they actually prove they can beat him.

MNChiefsfan: Chiefs 27 Broncos 20

People are making a big deal about the "dominant" performance by the Ravens. The Ravens who didn't have their starting TE or any receivers outside of a 49-year-old Steve Smith. The Ravens who have a quarterback who runs LEGENDARILY hot and cold. Has it seriously not occurred to anyone that they just caught a "down" Flacco day? Or that maybe the Ravens lack the weapons (or the offensive coaching) to make the Broncos pay for being hyper aggressive?

Then you look at the Broncos offense, which couldn't do jack or squat against a defense that was worse than the Chiefs defense last year (you know, when the Chiefs didn't have DJ and DeVito and Berry and Marcus Peters and Studly Version Jaye Howard). Now hey, maybe there's a chance Manning puts it all back together and plays like his old self Thursday. But it seems just as likely that he'll continue to play like his OLD self (what I did there... I hope you saw it).

Pot Roast isn't there to torment Jamaal Charles anymore, so the Chiefs should be able to run the ball a little better. What's more, Reid has been working on this game all offseason. You think he doesn't know a thing or two about Wade Phillips and his defensive tendencies? Finally, I'll be there. And I refuse to believe they'll let me down. I'm that important.

Stagdsp: Chiefs 34 Broncos 16

Everyone seems to be impressed with the Broncos Defense, but the best Defense in the division is run by the mad scientist in KC.  The Chiefs have disruptive playmakers at all three levels... and the best news: they are only getting better...and Manning is only getting worse. The OL will continue to be the story on offense but they just have to get in the way long enough for JC to get by or for Alex Smith to throw a quick pass to YAC machines Travis Kelce, Jeremy Maclin and DAT. I think Andy will scheme his way to 2-0 and this will be the 2015 version of the Patriots win last year.

Super_G: Chiefs 27 Broncos 23

Once again turnovers are extremely important as both of these teams appear to have excellent defenses. The Chiefs OL will be put to the test for the second straight week and must answer the call for the Chiefs to have success. Quick passes and screens could completely demoralize the Broncos aggressive pass rushing. If the Chiefs can slow down Denver's running game and force a number of third and longs the outcome should be a victory.

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