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NFL power rankings 2015 have Kansas City Chiefs as a top 5 team

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Top five? Top five!

The latest edition of the 2015 NFL power rankings from around the Internet have a couple of folks putting the Kansas City Chiefs in a a TOP FIVE team. Others still have the Chiefs in the middle of the pack.

It's early enough in the season that we're still guessing. Remember Week 1 last year when in Week 1 the Chiefs lost to the Titans, who would go on to win just two games all year. Then the Dolphins beat the Patriots in Week 1 last year. The Patriots, of course, won the Super Bowl. So there's reason to believe the end of season power rankings will be significantly different than these.

That said ... top five. 4

Alex Smith looked awfully good in that first half on Sunday. The three touchdown passes held up. Maybe my offseason ranking of Smith as the 10th best quarterback for 2015 -- for which your friendly Power Rankings writer took some serious Twitter fire -- wasn't so far off. Oh, by the way, Kansas City's defense looked solid, minus the garbage-time touchdowns.

SB Nation: 5

The Chiefs, underdogs on the road in Houston, raced out to a 27-6 lead and coasted the rest of the way. Alex Smith looked calm and collected as he threw for 243 yards and three scores. Having Jeremy Maclin in that offense will surely help, but Travis Kelce looks like the superstar here.

Bleeding Green Nation: 6

Andy Reid's Chiefs were one of the few teams during the NFL's opening week to look really good. They dominated the Texans early on.

Pro Football Talk: 7

That “receivers aren’t catching touchdown passes” thing is a lot less meaningful after a road win.

Yahoo! Sports Shutdown Corner: 12

Week 1 was a nice statement. It doesn't mean much if the Chiefs don't follow that up with a home win against the Denver Broncos on Thursday night.

USA Today: 16

Can't wait to find out what a player who had 22 sacks in a season is worth ... and neither can Justin Houston.

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