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Kansas City Chiefs 2015 season predictions that probably won't happen (but could!)

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For a prediction to be truly bold, it must be something that few people see as actually happening. For instance, it would have been bold if someone predicted the 2013 Chiefs to go 11 - 5 and make the playoffs. Predictions are fun because you can go back and make fun of yourself ... or look like a genius depending on the outcome.

I am going to list a number of 'bold predictions' for the 2015 Chiefs, give a likelihood that said prediction will happen, and provide my take on whether or not the prediction will happen.

Bold Prediction No. 1: The nickname YAClin will take hold for Jeremy Maclin

The other day in a comment thread here on AP this nickname popped into my lap and I rolled with it. However, I'm not too sure how cool YAClin sounds. Is it cool?

Chance this could happen: 5 percent

I don't think this nickname will take root for Maclin, unfortunately. Even though I like it, I can't help but think I could actually create a catchy nickname. People will continue to use Self-Tacklin Maclin instead. But dang YAClin is cool.

Bold Prediction No. 2: Alex Smith will throw for 30 or more TDs

It's hard to argue with the success that Chiefs QBs had in the preseason. Smith threw for a 71.7 completion percentage. The 'death by a thousand paper cuts' offense the Chiefs run would be able to move the chains more with an increase in Smith's completion percentage.

Chance this could happen: 15 percent

The most TDs Smith has thrown for in a season is 23. It would be foolish to think that after all these years Smith would suddenly outperform his career high by seven or more touchdowns. However ... (this is the part where I convince myself it can happen) ... I am going to be foolish and say Smith will throw for 30 or more touchdowns in 2015 IF HE STAYS HEALTHY. The reasoning for my decision of 30 is that there are a lot of good things going for Smith right now. He had a solid preseason, he appears to be pushing the ball down the field more, and for the first time in his career he has had coaching and offensive stability for three consecutive years.

Bold Prediction No. 3: Arrowhead Pride commentors will continue to debate over Alex Smith

Some people want it to stop. Some people just can't seem to get enough. Some people go to the corner and get in a fetal position and rock back and forth. Either way...

Chance this could happen: 100 percent

Yeah, this is going to continue to be a thing here at AP. I guess it can't be considered a bold prediction if it's guaranteed to happen. Oops!

Bold Prediction No. 4: Marcus Peters will lead the Chiefs in INTs

Peters was drafted to be a ball hawk. He has had the most INTs in practice leading into the season. At the same time he is a rookie who is still learning the game.

Chance this could happen:  40 percent

I believe Peters will tie for the lead in interceptions with another Chiefs DB.  Let's go with Ron Parker as the other DB.

Bold Prediction No. 5: Justin Houston will eclipse the 20 sack mark

It has been well documented that Justin Houston is a freak of nature. However, almost every player in recent history who has had 20-plus sacks has had a drop off in production the following season.  Will Houston continue this trend?

Chance this could happen: 15 percent

I don't think Houston will reach 20-plus sacks in two consecutive seasons. As a whole I believe the defensive team sack totals will go up from last year as players like Dee Ford and Tamba Hali have more sacks. Hitting 20 sacks is not easy in the NFL regardless of how big of a freak of nature you are.

Bold Prediction No. 6: The Chiefs will win the Super Bowl

There are a lot of good stories with this team. Eric Berry can be and is an inspiration to each of his teammates. Combine that with who Andy Reid and his great coaching career and things seem to just fall into place. A lot of Chiefs fans (and players) have a 'feeling' about this season. There is just something about it.

Chance this could happen: 3 percent

Call me a homer, call me an idiot, call me whatever you'd like, but if I really sit down and think about all the things the Chiefs have going for them, and all the positives going into this season, I can't help but think this has the possibility of being the Chiefs year. Is it likely the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl? No of course not. But something in my gut is screaming yes.

Now let's hear your bold predictions!

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