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Chiefs' Andy Reid passionately describes the perfect burger

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

You have never heard Andy Reid talk as passionately about something as he did when describing his perfect burger to Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison on 610 Sports recently. You thought Reid didn't give anything away to the media until you heard him talk about his burgers. He gave the whole damn thing away.

Take it away, Big Red...

"I like it medium," Reid said on 610 Sports (24 minute mark here). "It's hard, I mean, you have to execute that thing the right way. You have to get it to where it's perfect and juicy when you cut it open but not raw. Then a nice slice of good, fresh Vidalia onion on it. Some mayo and ketchup. A little squirt of mustard but not too much. Pickles, lettuce and tomato and I'm ready to roll. The bun becomes very important. To put all that together and make it perfect, there's some time involved. That's where it comes in. You practice, you get it right and then when you bite into it baby, it's ecstasy right there, so that's like a good play."

Pro tip for Big Red: Farm to Market is the city's leader in bread, and their egg buns are absolutely to die for.

Your mission this weekend: Make a Big Red Burger, take a picture of it and tweet it to @ArrowheadPride.

It's Game Time.

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