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Two ESPN analysts pick Kansas City Chiefs to make the Super Bowl

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From one game manager to another, ESPN's Trent Dilfer has picked the Kansas City Chiefs to meet the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl. Sure, he has the Cowboys winning and Tony Romo winning the league MVP but how about that? The Chiefs in the Super Bowl. Dilfer had some nice things to say about Alex Smith a while back so he's a known Chiefs believer.

Dilfer was not the only ESPN commentator to pick the Chiefs. Sal Paolantonio also picked the Chiefs. There's no word on whether Sal Pal's selection was an apology for this interaction after the Chiefs-Eagles game in 2013:

Sal Pal also picked the Chiefs to win the AFC West way back in February. He's a believer.

We're not done yet though! Also picking the Chiefs is Russ Lande, who has them losing to the Eagles ... in the Super Bowl.

Still not done! ESPN's Bill Barnwell lists the Chiefs as one of eight Super Bowl contenders.

What a world.

Here are ESPN's picks: