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Travis Kelce's injury: Reasons to be optimistic

We are still awaiting official word from the Kansas City Chiefs who for some reason that I can't understand decided not to say anything about Travis Kelce's injury until today. The word is from one national reporter and from Kelce himself that this injury does not appear to be serious.

First, there's this tweet from NFL Network's Ian Rapoport who says he just rolled his ankle.


Second, there is this now deleted tweet from Kelce who looks to be in a good mood.

(I have a feeling #mood is going to be a thing in Kansas City today. Feel free to send me a picture of your #mood in the comments or @ArrowheadPride)

So this is looking much better. I am feeling a lot better about this whole deal. Losing Kelce for any significant amount of time would have completely deflated me and many of you. Speaking of that, here's how some of us reacted to the news:

All that said, I'm not going to feel completely OK until I see Andy Reid or Chiefs trainer Rick Burkholder come out and say he's fine. Be on the lookout for that today.

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