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Robert Griffin III would be a great fit with Chiefs' Andy Reid, as would most other QBs

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

When Andy Reid was hired by the Kansas City Chiefs, I remember thinking that the Chiefs were going to be connected to a lot more quarterback rumors because Reid was known as a quarterback guru. That meant any time there was a quarterback available or potentially available, someone would be connecting him to Andy Reid and saying he was a good fit because, let's face it, most quarterbacks are a good fit with Andy Reid.

I believe we have a situation like that going on now with Washington's Robert Griffin III. Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports writes that Andy Reid and the Chiefs would be the best fit for RGIII. Go ahead and read that piece -- he makes intriguing arguments in favor of it.

You all know the story of the apparent debacle that's going down in DC, how RGIII somehow went from one of the best quarterbacks prospects in the last decade to someone who can't beat out Kirk Cousins for the starting job. I'm inclined to pin a lot of that on Washington because they have bred that type of dysfunction in recent years. RGIII surely has his own blame, too.

Let's think about this though. If RGIII gets released at some point, he's going to sign somewhere. And he's probably going to want to be a starter which, with Alex Smith's contract, probably wouldn't be in Kansas City in 2016. But if RGIII is willing to sit and be patient and learn from Reid ... then, yeah, it's a great fit. Reid would be good for him. Reid has had the more traditional drop-back quarterbacks and he's had mobile quarterbacks; he can work with anything. Chase Daniel's contract will be finishing up this year so the Chiefs will need another No. quarterback (unless that's Aaron Murray, which it very well could be).

It seems pretty crazy that we're even talking about this because RGIII was supposed to be the next big thing but something has to come to a head in Washington. Color me very curious about how this thing goes down.

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