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Chiefs' Jamaal Charles remembers 5 yards per carry through his jewelry

When you wake up and see an email from TMZ about Jamaal Charles, you slightly freak out for a second. And then just realize it's TMZ being TMZ talking about the jewelry that Charles has been buying.

I found one of their tidbits about Jamaal's purchases very interesting. Per TMZ, Charles recently bought a chain with a fantasy football flair.

JC got a chain made out of a half kilo of gold, covered with more than 100 diamonds. The custom touch? How 'bout a giant "5.0" pendant to remind FF geeks everywhere Jamaal's averaged at least 5 yards per carry for the last 3 seasons! That alone set him back $100k.

Averaging five yards per carry is my favorite stat about Jamaal. It's so simple yet to anyone who knows football it's a clear indicator of Jamaal's talent.

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