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Bob Sutton says Chiefs defense missed 16-20 turnovers last year

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It seemed odd that one of the statistically best secondaries in the NFL only had six interceptions last year. I can't even really explain how the Kansas City Chiefs have such good pass defense numbers yet only have six interceptions. It doesn't add up.

Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton admitted on Tuesday that some of that was having good luck. He also said that the Chiefs saw 16-20 plays where they should have reasonably intercepted a pass.

"Those are the ones that we dropped," Sutton said. "Like a linebacker dropped one here, a corner dropped one there, a safety dropped one. I mean, where we had our hands on it and you didn't have to make a spectacular catch. There's ones where it would have been great to get, like the one that Derrick Johnson almost got the other day up here with one hand; that's not the kind we're counting on or we were counting as we looked at that."

The Chiefs had six interceptions last year, which was last in the league. The league leader was the 49ers, who had 23 interceptions. The Chiefs missed the playoffs by one game so, really, one interception could have turned the entire season around.

Fumble recoveries are random and interceptions are as well to some degree. I can't envision a scenario where the Chiefs go another season with just six interceptions. They're too good for that so you can bet that number will be higher in 2015.

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