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Andy Reid talks to NFL Network, says Marcus Peters' picks are like sweet and sour pork

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently saying something is like sweet and sour pork is a normal saying? I guess? I haven't heard that one very often but I was listening to Steve Wyche's interview with Andy Reid on NFL Network and I heard Reid say something was "like sweet and sour pork". I rewound it to hear it again and I was sure I hear sweet and sour pork.

"It's like sweet and sour pork because I'm an offensive guy," Reid said when asked about Marcus Peters picking off three passes during Monday's practice. "He's picking the ball so I'm happy he's picking the ball and I'm mad he's picking the ball. It's one of those. He had a good day today. Like all rookie, it's earily in camp. You have to come right back with it. That will be his challenge for tomorrow."

If you do a Google search for "sweet and sour pork" and the name "Andy Reid" and there are a few results. Not the first time he's said it.

A few more notes from Reid in the interview:

  • On Eric Berry being game-ready: "I wouldn't tell you he's game ready. He's coming off all this chemo ... but he came back in phenomenal shape. He made the running test that all the players have and he was right up in the front of that."
  • Reid mentions having young receivers stepping up late last year (see: Albert Wilson).
  • "We expect big things from Jeremy. That's why he's here. And I say big things. with that I'm saying, Jeremy, you just be Jeremy. Good things happen when you do that."

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