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Chiefs' Demetrius Harris is 'several weeks' away after injury

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs took TE Demetrius Harris and his previously injured foot off the PUP list and onto the active roster. Now the question is how long until he is able to contribute on the field.

According to Chiefs OC Doug Pederson, that would be several weeks.

Harris suffered the foot injury last November and then had an additional surgery in May. He hasn't practiced until Monday when he was back on the field. Remember that he didn't play college football (he played basketball) so it make time him a little longer to get back into the swing of things. ESPN's Adam Teicher reported that Harris got some work as the second tight end with the starters. That's encouraging that the Chiefs still view him as someone who can contribute this year.

There's now a little more hope with the Chiefs tight ends. I was really worried about this position earlier in the summer when Harris was out and the Chiefs had rookie James O'Shaughnessy behind him. Since then, O'Shaughnessy has gone a good job so I'm hopeful that the Chiefs hit on either Harris or the rookie (or both!).

Because Harris is a few weeks away this could affect the Chiefs roster cuts coming this week. I wonder if they'll keep a fourth tight end (Ryan Taylor?) just in case.

The reason the second tight end is so important is because the Chiefs run a lot out of those sets and they're good at it. It gives the Chiefs a lot of versatility when the defense has to be concerned with Jamaal Charles running the ball and those tight ends catching passes.