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KC Chiefs roster cuts will have interest from other teams, Andy Reid says

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs roster is slowly getting better and we very well could see evidence of that this week when the Chiefs make their roster cuts. I am going to be watching to see how many of the Chiefs cuts end up signing on with other teams. If you have a lot of your cuts signing with other teams, it's a sign you have a deep roster. And I believe the Chiefs are on their way in that regard.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid spoke to the media on Sunday and indicated that he believes the same -- that the Chiefs cuts will be getting opportunities elsewhere.

"That's the worst part of your job, letting guys go that have been out here," Reid said, via quotes from the Chiefs. "It's different now too, in that you have all of these days in the offseason so you get to know them even more than what it used to be. I think as we go, a lot of these guys are going to have opportunities with other teams, whether it's a practice squad position or making the team, so that's a positive thing."

Reid sees the Chiefs as a deeper team now than when they first arrived.

"I think we probably have a little bit more depth than what we had in the first year," Reid said. "I think (John Dorsey) and his guys have done a nice job of that. And there's competition, there's a great amount of competition, so that normally brings out the best, thus, they get on tape and on film and these other teams can look at them and they can say ‘you know what, this guy's worth a shot.'"

I can remember the 2009 Chiefs were nowhere near as deep and hardly (if any, now that I think about it) of their cuts signed with other teams. This year that won't be the case as other teams will certainly have interest in the Chiefs cuts.