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Chiefs training camp: Big day for Marcus Peters

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs need their rookie cornerback Marcus Peters ready to start Week 1 with Sean Smith suspendedfor the first three games of the season. The first day with the Chiefs wearing full pads resulted in a big day for Peters, according to multiple reports from Chiefs camp on Monday.

Teicher lated corrected himself and said that Peters had three picks, and dropped another one. I wonder if it's a coincidence that the first day the cornerbacks can get physical with the receivers that Peters has a big day. His press coverage skills were said to be one of his strengths and if you see him in person you know he's a big dude.

"Marcus did some really nice things," Andy Reid said, via quotes from the Chiefs. "He had a couple of nice plays. Now it's important that he's consistent. So, he did nice things, and now you've got to come right back with it and do it again."

The obvious disclaimer here is that he's still in the first week of his first training camp. Jon Baldwin once looked like a star on these same fields. Peters needs to put up big day after big day to prepare for Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers in the first month of his rookie season.

Here are today's practice reports, which all highlight Marcus Peters:

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