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Aaron Murray's play doesn't create QB controversy for the Chiefs

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

After Aaron Murray came into the Chiefs game and threw an interception, I joked that all of our quarterback controversies were over. Alex Smith had his best preseason game in the first and Chase Daniel was sitting out for the night. With Murray struggling, that made it easy: Smith, Daniel, Murray on the quarterback depth chart.

But then Murray started playing well. Really well, in fact. He recovered to complete 15-of-20 passes for 146 yards and two touchdowns. That brought back all those fans who love to talk about the quarterbacks.

Unfortunately for those fans and fortunately for the rest of us, there is no quarterback controversy, even for the No. 2 quarterback job. This according to Andy Reid who confirmed after the game that Alex Smith remains his No. 1, Chase Daniel remains his No. 2 and Aaron Murray remains his No. 3

"No, no. Don't read into it, don't read into it," Reid said about Murray and his quarterback depth chart.

ESPN's Adam Teicher, who asked the question, said to Reid that he knew that question was coming and Reid smiled and said yes.

"Well, he had the pick," Reid said of Murray's game. "I mean that wasn't very good, but I thought he managed things and the best thing he did was he bounced back. Short memory. So, you've got to have that and I thought he did a good job there. He made some nice plays in the second half there."

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