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Titans-Chiefs preseason: Dorial Green-Beckham comes to Arrowhead but not as a Chief

To prepare for the Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans game on Friday, I spoke with Jimmy Morris over at SB Nation's Titans blog, Music City Miracles (great name for a blog). I have to admit that it stung a little when he mentioned Dorial Green-Beckham as a player to watch. He was someone we talked about leading up to the draft. Anyway, here's our five questions with the enemy ... please visit Music City Miracles to get caught up on the Titans.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

1. You now have two games of Marcus Mariota. What is the general feeling about him around Tennessee?

MCM: People are really excited about him. The coaches have raved about his understanding of the offense and how situationally (is that a word?) aware he is. Last week his headset went out on the first series, I wouldn't be surprised if Ken Whisenhunt orchestrated that as a test, and Mariota passed it with flying colors. He didn't get rattled even a little bit. Mariota has all of the tools to be a franchise quarterback.

2. Name one offensive player we should be watching out for.

MCM: Dorial Green-Beckham (if he plays). He was the Titans second round pick and has the ability to be an elite receiver. The Titans knew it would take some time after he didn't play football last year, but he appears to be ahead of schedule. DGB had a couple of really nice plays in the game against the Rams last week. He injured an ankle in practice on Tuesday but hasn't been ruled out for the game.

3. Name one defensive player we should be watching out for.

MCM: Keep an eye on Cody Riggs. He is an undrafted free agent cornerback from Notre Dame that is getting a lot of playing time with two of the Titans top four corners (Jason McCourty and Blidi Wreh-Wilson) sidelined with injuries. He is pretty much a lock to make the roster at this point but making a few big plays in this game could put him over the top.

4. The Chiefs o-line has had some issues. What kind of pass rush will they be facing?

MCM: Not a great one. They signed Brian Orakpo in free agency and brought in Dick LeBeau. Those two things will definitely help, but they really just need some more talent on the defensive side of the ball before they are ready to have a defense that people are really concerned about facing.

5. Remember that time the Titans beat the Chiefs in Week 1 and then the Chiefs missed the playoffs by a game. Jerks.

MCM: WHATEVA, man. Yall are the jerks. You made us think that the Titans actually had a chance at being good ... well for like a week anyway.

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