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There's one important thing missing from the Kansas City Chiefs first team offense

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

One important thing to remember about the Kansas City Chiefs first team offense struggling during the preseason: Jamaal Charles is hardly playing.

This tweet from our own Craig Stout reminded me:

The Chiefs running back is probably the most important player on the offense (the entire team? Probably, yeah). He played two snaps in the Chiefs first preseason game against Arizona and eight more snaps in the Chiefs second preseason game against Seattle. Of those eight snaps last Friday night, Jamaal touched the ball three times. Clearly, he is an important part of the offense who will be involved in every real game.

The Chiefs offense is playing without it's top two tackles as well. I would offer that the drop off between the first two tackles and the next two tackles is not as severe as the drop off from Jamaal Charles to the next running back. (That's actually a good question. Your thoughts in the comments?)

I don't really have a point here other than to remind you that Jamaal Charles is very important and the Chiefs offense will never look OK without him in there.

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