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A random story about Andy Reid, Tommy Lasorda and Mike Scioscia

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback is out and there's a random story in there about Andy Reid, Tommy Lasorda and Mike Scioscia. Yes, that is very random.

Here's the clip, which includes Tommy Lasorda talking with Cowboys coach Jason Garrett and Peter King.

King: "Wait a minute. You grew up in Norristown, Pa., an Eagles fan. How can you love the Cowboys?"

Lasorda: "You see, I have great friends. Andy Reid is a good friend of mine. The coach from the St. Louis Rams, Dick Vermeil, was a friend of mine. Jeff Fisher, he's a USC guy, the guy in Nashville, he's a friend of mine. So Mike Scioscia came to me one day, digging at me, and said, ‘Hey Tommy, you ain‘t worth s---. These coaches you say you're close to, they don't like you. Andy Reid and Vermeil and Fisher, those coaches don't like you.' I said, ‘Scioscia, you SOB, I'll show you.' I got Andy Reid on the phone. He was in a meeting and he said, ‘Hey, I came out of a meeting! What do you want?' And I said, Scioscia said you pull for the Angels.' He said, ‘Tell Scioscia he's full of s---.' So then I called Fisher up and said, ‘Scioscia is saying you don't like the Dodgers.' And he said, ‘Tell him he's full of s---.' Scioscia got to me. Anyway, I got to meet this guy right here and then my heart went out to him. I just happened to take a liking to him, I liked the way he talked. And I wanted to try to do something for him. So I said, ‘Let me talk to that f---ing team.'"

So Andy Reid and Tommy Lasorda are friends, huh? Go read the whole thing here.

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