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Free agent Evan Mathis responds to a Chiefs rumor

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes Twitter can be a really valuable tool. Especially when athletes use it to chime in on what the sports media is saying about them. This happened last night with the Kansas City Chiefs and free agent guard Evan Mathis.

It all started with this report that the Chiefs were rumored to be interested in Evan Mathis. We haven't spent a whole lot of time on Mathis because Reid told us earlier this summer that the Chiefs were not interested in him. Considering he coud have easily avoided that question and not been so direct. I believed him that the Chiefs were not interested in him.

Anyway, back to how this started:

It was reported earlier that Mathis was visiting the Seahawks but other teams were apparently interested. This report got a little run after the Chiefs game ended last night, perhaps thanks to the play of the Chiefs o-line on Friday night.. But then...

He also responded on this thread on reddit: "Nothing to see here."

(Editor's note: Some people are saying he was just responding to the money. Which is probably true because $20M for a 34-year old guard is bonkers but I don't think he says that if he's actually about to sign with the Chiefs. Doesn't make any sense.)

Unless the Chiefs AND Mathis are deceiving us, it doesn't look like the two sides will be getting together this year.

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