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The Chiefs are coming up with a new touchdown song that you can vote on

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs have used a version of Gary Glitter's "Rock n' Roll Part 2" as the song they play after a touchdown. But there is some unfortunate information on Gary Glitter here so the Chiefs are moving away from that and they're asking fans to vote on the new touchdown song.

Here are the three options you can vote on:

  • "Hey, Kansas City!" by David George and A Crooked Mile
  • "Song 2" by Blur
  • "Let Me Clear My Throat" by DJ Kool
Go here to vote. The Chiefs will be playing all three throughout the preseason. After the voting ends on August 31, we will have a winner. I can imagine plenty of people will be upset the Chiefs are changing this song. Leave your opinions in the comments.

I listened to all three and for me the choice is obvious. "Hey, Kansas City!" sounds the best on the Chiefs site after you watch Jamaal Charles cut through the Seahawks defense for a touchdown. That is my choice.

What's your choice?

A few of the reactions ....

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