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The Kansas City Chiefs think very highly of rookie LB Justin March

Al Bello/Getty Images

Undrafted free agent LB Justin March tore his meniscus last week and has had surgery, which means he will not be playing this preseason. The hope is, however, that he comes back at some point and that when he does he will be with the Chiefs.

I say that because the Chiefs appear to think very, very highly of March, who joined the team this offseason after going undrafted. Yahoo! Sports reporter Charles Robinson spent time at Chiefs camp andcame away with this nugget of information:

From inside Chiefs front office: injured [UDFA] rookie LB Justin March has talent comparable to one time Pro Bowler / All-Pro Bart Scott when Scott was also an undrafted rookie. Belief is March has a lot of raw ability to work with. I'd be stunned if they didn't find a way to keep him.

That is a hell of a statement. March has a ways to go obviously bceause Scott was an excellent linebacker for the Ravens and Jets.The Chiefs have been looking for another inside linebacker every year John Dorsey and Andy Reid have been here it seems. Perhaps with March and fourth round pick Ramik Wilson there is life after Derrick Johnson (who probably isn't going anywhere).

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