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Kansas City police will go undercover at Chiefs games this year

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

When you're about to have your 11th Bud Light tonight at the Chiefs game and you're wondering if you should talk trash to the Seahawks fan in front of you ... maybe think twice. Not only are you a huge jerk if you do that but you could also be getting in trouble with the Kansas City police department, who plans on having undercover officers in Seahawks gear on Friday night.

The Chiefs press release says that once again KCPD will go undercover to monitor fans at Arrowhead this year.

For all Chiefs games, undercover Kansas City, Mo., police officers dressed in opposing team apparel will be located throughout Arrowhead Stadium and the parking lots to deter unruly fan conduct and to ensure a safe and enjoyable gameday atmosphere for all fans.

I really feel bad for the officer who has to wear his Halloween costume during Raider week.

The point here is: don't be a jerk to others. Be nice.

It's Game Time.

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