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Kansas City Chiefs say they're not doing anything differently with receivers this year

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

You might think that after the Kansas City Chiefs went the entire year without a receiver catching a touchdown that they would change how they handle their receivers. You would be wrong if you thought that.

We talked with Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson on Tuesday and he was asked what, if anything, he was doing differently with the Chiefs receivers this year.

"Quite honestly, we haven't done anything different," Pederson said. "We've just probably executed better, we've put guys in positions better. Going into year three, we know our personnel now and we know the types of players that we have and we can use them in spots and use their talents to the best of their abilities. Schematically, we haven't changed anything."

Pederson did acknowledge in the next answer that with Jeremy Maclin and Chris Conley you could potentially see more "down the field, get open type routes" being called.

I like this answer though. Last year's stat was a fluke. If the Chiefs were 30th in scoring, I would be more concerned. But they weren't. They were 16th in the league, ahead of Philip Rivers and Cam Newton-quarterbacked teams.

This offense the Chiefs are working in has been time tested. Andy Reid tweaks what he has to but the principles of the West Coast Offense go back a long time and has won a lot of games for a lot of teams. The Chiefs shouldn't let that one fluky stat change too much about them. (Unless it means going deep. They should do that more often.)

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