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Chiefs DC on Eric Berry: 'We're going to follow his rhythm, whatever he feels like'

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

How are the Kansas City Chiefs going to use Eric Berry when the regular season hits? That's something we're still trying to figure out and something the Chiefs are probably trying to figure out, too. The Chiefs said this week that they're letting Eric Berry return at his own pace. After sitting out most of the 11-on-11 work, Berry is working with the Chiefs second team and he is tackling. ESPN's Adam Teicher calls Sunday's Chiefs practice the most physical of the year.

Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton spoke to the media and explained their process with Berry's return.

"We're really going on him and the docs and how he feels out there," Sutton said, via quotes from the Chiefs. "He's feeling better, I think, every day. I don't really just mean physically - I think he's getting back into football, too."

Sutton pointed out that Berry had an Achilles' injury during last year's training camp, was nicked up during the season and then discovered the cancer late in the season. So he has missed a lot of football in the last year, even before discovering Hodgkins Lymphoma.

"I think he's getting back, like he says, he's seeing things better, it's slowing down for him," Sutton said. "It's strictly football, this has nothing to do with what he overcame. I think he's happy with that, and you could obviously talk to him about it. We're going to follow his rhythm, whatever he feels like."

The Chiefs secondary has a wealth of talent. Consider that Berry could be your third safety. How many teams would take Berry as your third safety? And Marcus Peters as your third cornerback? In the big picture, I really love that the Chiefs strengths are their pass rush and their secondary, which is something you need to stop the best quarterbacks in the game today.

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