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Watch Jeremy Maclin do his best David Tyree impression with this catch at Chiefs training camp

Kansas City Chiefs WR Jeremy Maclin has the best catch of training camp. Maclin perfectly used the tip drill and then perfectly did an impression of David Tyree.

You can watch the Tyree catch here. Compare it to the Maclin catch below, which the Chiefs did an excellent job of capturing in slow-mo (remember when we didn't have instant video highlights?).

Here it is from the other side:

OK I'm going to be a stickler here. After he catches it on the tip and then pins it against his helmet. It then touches the ground, no? This is what I mean right here:

After Travis Kelce's non-catch in Arizona and Dez Bryant's non-catch in the playoffs, I don't know what a catch is anymore. Is this a catch?

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