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Chiefs have a fight at training camp, and players and coaches respond

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs briefly fought at training camp practice on Sunday. I wasn't there to see it but the description from others sounds like most camp fights: a brief explosion of anger, a couple of punches thrown and then everyone jumps in and breaks it up. It's almost like a baseball fight -- except in football, they sometimes actually land punches (hello, Edinson Volquez's missed haymaker).

I can't remember more than maybe one fight in the last five years since the Chiefs have been at Missouri Western. I see fights as a good thing (assuming they're under control) because that type of competitiveness is what you want out on the field. That's the closest thing you'll get to a game. The fight came between Jeremy Maclin and Marcus Cooper, who is fighting for a job. It's intense out there.

Several Chiefs who spoke to the media responded to the fight (quotes via the Chiefs).

Bob Sutton

"You can't fight in a game, or you'd be gone. Training camp is a little different. Honestly, we don't think about it a lot. If it disrupts practice, then it's a bad thing. That one was over and done with pretty quick, we didn't miss any reps."

Jason Avant

"Honestly, it's actually good. It gets you through practice. It's just part of the game. It's competition. Guys want to make the team and sometimes tempers flare, but you need it, because no one is going to pay your rent if you get cut from the team. You got to go out there and go as hard as you can."

Ron Parker

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