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Derrick Johnson says Dontari Poe is doing well: 'He's very self-motivated'

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

We haven't heard anything from Dontari Poe since the Kansas City Chiefs surprised us all and announced that he had surgery for a herniated disc earlier in July.

Poe is set to come to St. Joe for training camp but he won't be practicing. It's unclear if we (the media) will get a chance to speak with him during his rehab but if not we'll have to rely on Derrick Johnson, who said he has talked to Poe since all this went down.

"Yeah, I talked to him," DJ told reporters on Friday, via quotes from the Chiefs. "He's doing well. He has to go through this process and get better. When he gets ready to get back out there on the field, we'll be ready for him. He doesn't need any words of encouragement, he's very self-motivated and he can't wait to get back out there with us."

Mike DeVito also said he texted him after hearing of the surgery.

It's good Poe doesn't need any encouragement because life can be lonely when you're injured. Poe will face his most difficult task in the next few months as he tries to return from a mid-July surgery. Experts have said this is a three month injury and DJ says they'll be holding it down until he returns.

"This is an NFL team so you're going to have people to plug in that's pretty good, that's going to help out," DJ said. "We're going to get the job done until Poe gets ready to come back. Until then, he is a big piece missing, and he's one of the guys that I rely on the most, but at the same time he knows we can get the job done and hold it down until he comes back."

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