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Underrated, overrated and just right: Painful Chiefs playoff losses edition

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

We've played this before but you name something that is underrated, overrated and just right. I'll start off with something Chiefs related and then a holiday edition.

Painful Chiefs playoff losses edition

Underrated: 2006. No one seems to talk about this one as a painful playoff loss but Larry Johnson was one of the league's best backs and the Colts had one of the worst run defenses.

Overrated: 2003. That team was so obviously flawed on defense by that point in the season.

Just right: 1997. That 14-10 loss to the Broncos at Arrowhead ... yeah, that pain is just right.

Holiday edition

Underrated: Labor Day. The fall is the best time of year in my humble opinion and this is the kickoff to fall. It also means football is here.

Overrated: Christmas. Listen, after you're 13 years old your gifts aren't nearly as cool. Sure you get time off work so that's cool but the one or two days you get off as an adult are nothing compared to the three weeks off as a kid.

Just right: Fourth of July. Drinking outside, fireworks and barbecue? Yes, please.

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