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Chiefs' Andy Reid on Royals: 'They're cranking this thing up and going to go get a championship'

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I went up to St. Joe on Tuesday for the rookies and quarterbacks arrival day at Kansas City Chiefs training camp, along with a press conference from Andy Reid where he revealed that Dontari Poe was hurt. Knowing that was very, very big news I skipped out on Reid's press conference early so that I could write that story for the site. That means I missed this very neat exchange about the Royals at Reid's press conference.

"Listen, our players and the Royals players are very, very close," Reid said, via quotes transcribed by the Chiefs. "I had an opportunity to go out to their spring practice out in Arizona while we were out there for the meetings and watch how they do things. They do a great job, we are pulling for them like crazy.

This is their time of the year right here man and they're cranking this thing up and they're going to go get a championship. -Andy Reid

"This is their time of the year right here, man and they're cranking this thing up and they're going to go get a championship. We're pulling for them and I know it's reciprocated the other way. They're big fans of ours and that's what it's all about. I think the people of Kansas City are very fortunate to have two great organizations like that. That's a beautiful thing from a fan standpoint."

Indeed it's a beautiful thing for the fans. I will argue that no city has a better sports situation than Kansas City. Am I wrong? The Royals are one of the two best teams in baseball, Sporting KC has generated excitement and we believe the Chiefs are a playoff-caliber team (even with the Dontari Poe news).

I wondered if there would ever be some resentment over how much attention each team gets in the city but it doesn't seem that there is. Sports fandom isn't necessarily a zero-sum game. If your team is good, you're going to make time to follow them.

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