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Chiefs expect an answer on Eric Berry this week, according to Andy Reid

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Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATEHe's baaaaack!

We'll have some sort of news on Eric Berry very soon but we just don't know what that news will be. Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid told reporters up in St. Joe for training camp today that they're hoping to know something within the next day.

"Eric is going through some tests now," Reid said. "We should have an answer for you on Eric within a day here. So far everything is positive but we don't want to give you anything until we have everything."

I don't know what that answer will be. The Chiefs have options such as starting him off on an injury list before training camp starts.

"He's kept himself in good shape believe it or not," Reid said. "He's really done a good job there. Like I said, he's gotta through all the formalities here."

Reid didn't have much information he was willing to share at this point so I'm not sure either.

"We'll get that to you," Reid said in response to more questions. "We're not going to hide anything from you on this."