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Madden 16 calls Von Miller best linebacker over Justin Houston

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It's pretty much a rule that after you get 22 sacks in a season you should be the highest rated outside linebacker in a video game. That's not the case with Justin Houston on Madden 16, which revealed their ratings for the top outside linebackers.

Houston and Broncos pass rusher Von Miller are both rated 97 in the game. However, the Madden blurb for Miller calls him "the game's best outside linebacker" so ... Madden technically has Miller over Houston. Which is wrong, of course.

Their numbers over the past four years are similar. Houston has 48.5 sacks in 56 career games including 53 starts while Miller has 49 sacks in 56 career games. Thus, the most recent season should count more. For Houston, that's 22 sacks last season and 11 sacks the year before that for a two-year total of 33 sacks (which includes the time Houston missed in 2013 with an injury). In the last two seasons, Miller has just 19 sacks in the past two seasons with time missed due to a suspension.

Basically what I'm saying is that Houston > Miller.