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Watch Chiefs' Dontari Poe move this pile

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

So about two weeks ago or so I was sitting at home contemplating my utter inability to properly create and present GIFs to you fine people. I must admit it's my greatest weakness as a writer (other than my inability to stop interrupting myself), and in some ways I feel like a failure every time I see a cool play and think, "man, it'd be cool to share that."

Then someone pointed out to me that 99 percent of the Vine action out there is simply idiots like me recording their computer screens. My first thought, "Hey even I can do that!"

And so a whole new world has been opened up to me in how I can share the things I see as I watch endless hours of Chiefs film.

Generally speaking, I won't be posting Vines here, but just on Twitter. But every now and then I'm going to come across something that's too awesome to not share here. Today is one of those times.

Remember the Seattle game? More specifically, remember the 4th and 1 stuff of Marshawn Lynch that had every one of us dizzy with delight? Re-watching the game I found a spectacular angle on the replay that demonstrates just how ridiculously strong Dontari Poe is.

Watch the pile as the Vine starts. It's slowly inching forward. One behemoth getting low later and the pile is ground to a halt, then moving backward.

Dontari Poe, you are a man among boys out there.

There are quite a few Chiefs vines on my timeline right now if you're into that sort of thing (@RealMNchiefsfan), including Justin Houston being a beast and Jamaal Charles being a freak. Good times, ya'll. It feels nice to be only a half-decade behind in technology.

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