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Kansas City Chiefs have the most guaranteed money in the NFL, according to this chart

No team has more guaranteed money committed to their players than the Kansas City Chiefs. This according to numbers from Spotrac dug up by Business Insider.

While the Dallas Cowboys have the most total money committed to its players at a whopping $680 million, the Chiefs lead the way with $297 million guaranteed, according to Business Insider's chart.

Here's the top 10. The blue is guaranteed money while the orange is total money.

Head on over there to see the entire chart.

I'm not really sure there's anything to take out of this. The 30 and 31st ranked teams in total money committed are the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots. The Packers, meanwhile, are one of the best teams in the NFL and they're fourth on this list. Unless it's just too early and I can't figure out the correlation -- someone point it out in the comments if there is one.

We should also point out that we don't know exactly what "guaranteed money" is. Some people claim "guaranteed money" when it's not really guaranteed until the following year. So it's "likely money" but not guaranteed. The Justin Houston deal, for example, was widely reported as $50+ million guaranteed when only $30+ million was guaranteed on signing. So what is "guaranteed money"? I really don't know.

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