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Chiefs playoff odds are better than Broncos, according to rankings you probably don't understand

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Harvard students think they have a way to predict the NFL season (they don't) and they put their results in this post at the Harvard Sports Analysis, which is a blog written by Harvard students.

Before we get into the process, let's peep the results, which are very neat! These are the playoff odds, after they've gone through their formula.

Yes, that's Kansas City you see there right ahead of New England, Indy and Denver. The author explained how they arrived at this.

The method that I came up with uses Pro Football Reference's Approximate Value statistic, the site's best measure of trying to tease out individual talent. Then, using ESPN's NFL depth charts, I aggregated each team's per game approximate value of what I considered to be the "core" makeup of an NFL team: QB, RB, 2 WR, TE, Top 2 OL, the Top-4 "Front Seven" defensive players, and the Top-2 players from the secondary.

There's more to it that you can read here. The point of this is, however, that the Chiefs are ahead of the Broncos. All is well again.

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