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Chiefs' Jamaal Charles the third highest rated RB on Madden 16

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Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles has been rated the third overall back in the league in the upcoming edition of Madden. I play an awful lot of Madden so I love seeing that Jamaal will be highly rated once again.

Here's what the Madden blurb says: Charles has everything you want in an all-purpose back, including 95 ELUS/92 SPD/92 ACC/98 AGI. You want moves? He has 97 Juke Move and 94 Spin Move. Don't forget the league-best 86 CTH.

I also love that he has such a great catching ability. I'm very similar to the Chiefs where my backs (Jamaal) and tight end (Travis Kelce) make most of the receptions.

The top five backs in the game:

1. Marshawn Lynch (96)

2. Adrian Peterson (95)

3. Jamaal Charles (94)

4. DeMarco Murray (94)

5. Le'Veon Bell (94)

EA Sports is slowly but surely releasing the ratings for all the players here.