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Brett Favre reflects on Andy Reid: 'He took a lot of heat for me'

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Andy Reid was in the crowd during the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame event for Brett Favre over the weekend, which means Big Red was able to hear this quote from Favre during his speech.

"Andy Reid," Favre said, via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. "He was the meeting-est coach in the history of the NFL. With Mooch we'd get out of meetings an hour and 15 minutes later. Here come the tight ends (with Reid) and they were zombies. Oh my God. I will never get home. This guy is relentless. I thought he is just going to kill us. He was a hell of a football coach. He was tough, fair he was funny. He was ingenious in so many ways. He was simple. Much like Mooch, he took a lot of heat for me."

What stands out to me there is "He was simple." That's probably a big reason quarterbacks do so well in his system. Reid's offense is complex with plenty of verbiage but he makes sure the players understand why they're doing what they're doing. That allows the entire offense to function more efficiently.

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