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The Kansas City Chiefs biggest disappointment, and the biggest surprise

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Just a few more weeks, people. Then we'll be in training camp wishing away the time until preseason games. Then we'll be watching preseason games wishing away the time until the regular season. Then it'll be the regular season and we'll be wishing away the time to the playoffs (that's right, we're optimistic today). Then we'll all look blink and be 80 and wondering why we wished away so much time.

We're escalating thoughts quickly today.

I swear on my kids' life I'll be getting that Philip Gaines film review done soon. I've got a date with Mrs. MNChiefsfan this weekend, so my time is finite. Until then, we've got plenty of mailbag to chew up before I run out of questions. Let's do it.

What a fantastic mailbag question this is. You sir, are a good and decent man.

The problem for me is that the guy who immediately springs to mind wasn't exactly a bust. However, the gap between what I THOUGHT the Chiefs were getting when they drafted him and the player he turned out to be was as wide as anyone I can think of. It's gotta be Glenn Dorsey.

Again, I have nothing against Dorsey as a player. In particular, I believe he's done very well when healthy with the 49ers, where he's been asked to play more of a block-eating NT position. And let me be the first to tell you that Dorsey is a ROCK. He is just not moved off of his spot, even by double teams. He goes nowhere. Of course, the down side is that he also goes nowhere ELSE.

Remember when the Chiefs drafted Dorsey? The hype was incredible. He WAS the next Warren Sapp, a game-altering force of nature who was going to terrorize ball carriers and quarterbacks like we hadn't seen in years. Basically, we all expected Aaron Donald, only more so. He was considered the best defensive prospect in years. We couldn't BELIEVE he "fell" to the fifth pick. He was the building block of the new defense.

What we got instead was a perfectly solid starting defensive lineman who didn't do much to put pressure on quarterbacks.

Look, there's something to be said for being a rock on the line. There's a role for such players. And Dorsey had his moments with the Chiefs. But it was just so much less than what we'd hoped for and genuinely EXPECTED from him.

There have been WAY bigger busts, but I can't think of a time my expectations for a player were so far separated from the results. So Dorsey is my pick for that one.

On the flip side of things (biggest surprise), I gotta go with the big man Dontari Poe. I  had faith in Romeo Crennel's knowledge of linemen, so I wasn't completely down on the pick. That said, nothing about his college tape or his stats made me say "hey, totally worth it guys!"

I think the experience with Dorsey and Tyson Jackson had taught me to expect Poe to be another big body that could hold the line but couldn't do much to mess with a QB's day. I've never, ever, ever been happier to be wrong.

Poe is not only one of the strongest individuals on the field at any given time, he actually DESERVES the description of "dancing bear" that's so often given to inferior linemen. He's unbelievably fast for his size. And not just "once he's up and running" fast the way most defensive linemen are, but he's actually QUICK. That doesn't even make sense when you consider his size.

His utterly unique speed and quickness make him really, really difficult for opposing guards and centers to deal with. And of course, if speed doesn't work, he can just throw them to the ground like a rag doll.

I hate that he doesn't manage to finish Kap off there, but besides that it is perhaps the greatest football gif in the history of humanity. Absolutely destroys Alex Boone as though he's a high school player. Awesome.

I was lukewarm on Poe when he was drafted, and I've never been happier to be wrong.

You know what? We're calling it a day on that one. Because there's no way I can write anything from here that's going to top that gif. See you next mailbag (it'll be soon, I promise. And 70% of the time I keep all my promises).

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